July 19, 2010

Finally Accountability On Nasty Posts - Jay Servidio Teleteria

By: Jay Servidio

User comments on chat boards and news sites,  often read like scribblings on a bathroom stall: anonymous, offensive and full of hate, slander, and defamation.

News sites are starting to make changes to the rules. Some of them have begun making people register their complete names, addresses and phone numbers to remove the anonymity element and staffers will attempt to verify their identities.

"It is the ability to remain anonymous that encourages people to say whatever they want [online] ... when people are required to give their names, our thinking is that they'll think twice," said news editor Margaret Sullivan, who added that vetting commenters will be a "challenging" task. "There might be people who slip through the cracks."

If you read news stories online from such sites as CNN, MSNbc, the NY Daily News for example you can read the horrific posts by people who say the most outrageous things about the people in the story. Some of the people who post end up in arguments with other posts. Its lunacy that 2 strangers go back and forth all day arguing over a news story concerning people they dont know and will never meet.

There is also an abundance of complaint sites where you can complain anonymously about anyone or any company whether you did business with them or not. Your complaint will be posted live in seconds and the truth does not matter at all to the people running the complaint site. They make money on Google AdSense advertisng that runs along the borders of the site. Google doesnt care if the person complaining is telling the truth and the person who owns the site is only interested in the most outrageous claims with as much slander and defamation as possible to create buzz to get more people to come to the site to post more and more of the same crap.

Do you think it might be a good idea to make the person complaining to post his full name town and phone mumber? Do you think the number of people who post will go down? You betcha. That would also mean a sharp drop in revenue for the guy who owns the complaint site. I am Google could make the profit up someplace else.

The only person who cares is the poor guy who owns the company that is being slandered and defamed. Can he do anything about it? The short answer is NO. The long answer is if he wants to pay extortion to the site owner for tens of thousands of dollars then yes he can.

Why dont the people who have complaints complain to the person they have the complaint with? A good idea right? Wrong. The people who compain to these boards arent looking for a resolution to the issues. They are looking to create damage. Why? Your asking the wrong person as I have tried to figure this out and am dumbfounded why someone wants to destroy another mans lifes work and his ability to provide for his family. I guess its just another case of mans inhumanity to man. For me whenever I make a purchase of a good or service if I am unhappy to go the person who I bought the good or service from and communicate my issue and get resolution that day. I have a life here and need to move on. I dont spend the next 5 years posting negative stuff about the guy and telling everyone he should be sued put in jail and given an atomic weggie.

What is the takeaway here folks? I think people should be accountable and I think we need to a bit more civil toward each other. Problems happen, lets resolve the issue and move forward with our lives. The internet has given us many more options and activites then we had before. Do we squandor that opportunity or expand our lives with it? And what about all the online porn? In think we would be better served looking at online porn then typing on a complaint site.

I am Jay Servidio President of Teleteria and we are the worlds largest provider of custom turnkey porn sites and thats my story today.

About the Author

Jay Servidio started his career in the telecom industry. Having worked for MCI, Sprint and AT&T in various sales positions starting from telemarketing up to national accounts. His ability to manage accounts always had him in the top 3% of his peers. Wanting more challenge Jay Servidio started Teleteria in 1994 to resell 900 and 970 numbers and offer custom adult website packages. Teleteria quickly became the industry leader in the adult design business and has been since 1994. Jay Servidio started teaching classes about the business in NYC and Toronto monthly which led to guest speaking at trade shows and conferences all over the world. He has been written up in many periodicals such as a front page article in The Wall Street Journal and the NY Press. Jay Servidio has also appeared on TV and Radio.Teleteria also builds gaming and commercial sites and can be found at or call toll free 1 866 408 8694.

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