July 4, 2010

Online Marketing Battlefield Earth

By: Jay Servidio

Petraeus is not a man who will have to be told what to do. Hes a man who knows what to do. There are men who are still green inside their lives. Men who need direction and men who need to be guided, told, and corrected but not Petraeus. This man has enough front line experience to know exactly what to do and he will carry out his mission in proper military precision and acheive his goals. If Petraeus was CEO of a company you can bet that company would be a terrific no nonsense investment. Bet the house on this man and whatever he sets out to do.

Most of us need some type of direction mentoring and correction.

I live in the world of online marketing. A world that didnt exist 16 short years ago. We have been fighting in battle since man first walked but the world of online marketing has been with us for just a few short minutes. Battles are fought won and lost. The world of online marketing, once you make the decision to enter it, is a battle that will last your lifetime. Total commitment is needed to make headway in this battle. The landscape is fluid. The front lines forever shifting. You are always Oscar Mike in online marketing and you better have your shit wired tight at all times because the next ambush is right around the next tree line. The body count is high in online marketing as it will be in any new battlefield where the terrain has not been properly navigated and the terrain here is hilly and rocky worse then Tora Bora. Out here you stay on point or you end up in a body bag. I have come close myself at points. Its sometimes very difficult to see the results of your work. You sit in front of a flat screen typing away for a dozen hours a day. You dont eat right you dont sleep right your grumpy and anti-social but its all for the greater good. The greater good of getting the gold, the traffic, the only measurement outside of income that means anything to you anymore. The targeted traffic. The exact people looking to buy your exact product who have the desire and the money to buy your product and you capture that traffic at the exact moment they are sitting in front of their flat screens with credit card in hand. Far greater then the Spice Melange that Paul Atreides fought so valiantly to protect. Ah the Spice which not only could extend life and expand concsiousness but also provide intersteller ships the ability to fold space and arrive in any part of the universe instantaneously.

I am a soldier in the war of online marketing. I suit up and man a post 7 days a week. Not all of us can do that which accounts for the high rate of attrition. I do my best and learn from the best, men who have walked the path before me, men who have the mine fields mapped out and know what I dont know. Fluid. Its as fluid as life and forever changing like life. If you dont believe me return to the town you grew up in and see for yourself the fluidity of life, the fluidity of change. There is no going back, there is only forward progress, forward momentum, forward change. Once you get to that place you can progress forward at the speed of change, the speed of life.

I am Jay Servidio CEO of Teleteria and thats my story today.



About the Author

Jay Servidio started his career in the telecom industry. Having worked for MCI, Sprint and AT&T in various sales positions starting from telemarketing up to national accounts. His ability to manage accounts always had him in the top 3% of his peers. Wanting more challenge Jay Servidio started Teleteria in 1994 to resell 900 and 970 numbers and offer custom adult website packages. Teleteria quickly became the industry leader in the adult design business and has been since 1994. Jay Servidio started teaching classes about the business in NYC and Toronto monthly which led to guest speaking at trade shows and conferences all over the world. He has been written up in many periodicals such as a front page article in The Wall Street Journal and the NY Press. Jay Servidio has also appeared on TV and Radio.Teleteria also builds gaming and commercial sites and can be found at or call toll free 1 866 408 8694.

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