July 2, 2010

As Goes Google So Goes Us All

By: Jay Servidio

With yesterday's announcement that Google will buy online travel company, ITA, for $700 million cash, it's become more and more obvious that we all need to understand this search engine behemoth better -- every little nuance and facet and cog in the wheel.  We must comprehend, study, eat, breath and sleep Google to stay alive and succeed in our Internet-related businesses.  With this purchase yesterday of ITA, Google hopes to boost its visibility in the airfare market.

As we all know, Google has a huge presence and influence on just about any activity that takes place online. It's not likely that the employees of Google sit around staring at their computers and surfing the Internet all day, one by one, arbitrarily ranking sites that are their favorites. Most likely, the people at Google and all search
engine companies rank websites by those that are deemed to have the most authority on the given subject or keyword.  Jay Servidio, founder and CEO of Teleteria, an adult website company, has a passion for gleaning the maximum knowledge about Google and its effect on the Internet. He attends conferences and continues to learn everything there is to know, on a continuing basis, to get inside the mind of the Internet user and be an expert on Google and the massively powerful force that it is. Jay Servidio imparts to his clients and those who
contact him to pursue working from home in the adult website business the importance of keeping tabs on the trends, the pulse, the daily news on the Internet and what the future holds.  He knows how crucial it is that businesses and entrepreneurs have a keen understanding of the intricacies and operation of search engines, especially the giant which is Google.

Teleteria offers continuous support to clients as they navigate their way toward success in marketing their adult website businesses, and that is why the company's success is so impressive. Jay Servidio's years of experience in the business and vast expertise on how to continue smooth sailing on the ever-changing waters of the Internet is golden. He knows the importance of continuing to stay abreast of the happenings. He knows it all too well.

About the Author

Jay Servidio started his career in the telecom industry. Having worked for MCI, Sprint and AT&T in various sales positions starting from telemarketing up to national accounts. His ability to manage accounts always had him in the top 3% of his peers. Wanting more challenge Jay Servidio started Teleteria in 1994 to resell 900 and 970 numbers and offer custom adult website packages. Teleteria quickly became the industry leader in the adult design business and has been since 1994. Jay Servidio started teaching classes about the business in NYC and Toronto monthly which led to guest speaking at trade shows and conferences all over the world. He has been written up in many periodicals such as a front page article in The Wall Street Journal and the NY Press. Jay Servidio has also appeared on TV and Radio.Teleteria also builds gaming and commercial sites and can be found at or call toll free 1 866 408 8694.

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