July 1, 2010

Handicapped? Teleteria Founder, Jay Servidio, Has an Idea

By: Jay Servidio

What a Wonderful World, the late Louie Armstrong crooned.  It is a wonderful world on many levels, indeed.  Agreed.   Lately, though, as we've all noticed, the average Joe and the average Jill, face increased pressure and stress as the recession continues and unemployment figures rise and their finances  and challenges is a tough place to navigate through lately.  Everyone seems to have his or her story of struggles, adversity, challenges like never before.  It takes tenacity, perseverance, optimism, strength and most of all faith to get through some days.  Making a living and keeping one's sanity is harder than ever, it seems.

What keeps us going, even when some of us want to give up and succumb to pessimism and despair?  Friends, family, faith, fun, humor, and of course, sex!   Handicapped individuals have extra challenges each day, and they share the same outlets for keeping their mood positive and receiving support in this crazy, troubled, fast-paced world.  Often, their mobility and access to certain places and events is limited.  They endure a life of compromises and adjustments that those of us with no handicaps take for granted.    On occasion, even leaving their homes can be a gargantuan endeavor, and for some with severe disabilities, it's impossible.

Jay Servidio, the founder and CEO of Teleteria, an online adult website company, says he's gratified to work with many handicapped individuals who made the decision to work from home and see success beyond their wildest dreams.   The unlimited potential and flexibility the business offers is attractive to so many people from all walks of life, but for the physically-challenged, it's been a truly remarkable experience.   Jay Servidio enjoys working with his handicapped clients very much.  It brings him tremendous contentment when they call the Teleteria offices to thank him for the services provided and the success of their adult website business, all from the comforts of their home.

These modern-day heroes find increased self-confidence and empowerment, as they tell the staff at Teleteria. They have a new verve and vim and vigor they are businesspeople making a good living without having to deal with the difficulties involved in navigating around their city streets and urban sprawl.  Most importantly, they enjoy sex just as everyone does, and to be able to run a business from their home in the online porn industry - something that appeals to so many - is an accomplishment and an activity that works for them very well not to mention their customers and the man who got them started Jay Servidio of Teleteria!


About the Author

Jay Servidio started his career in the telecom industry. Having worked for MCI, Sprint and AT&T in various sales positions starting from telemarketing up to national accounts. His ability to manage accounts always had him in the top 3% of his peers. Wanting more challenge Jay Servidio started Teleteria in 1994 to resell 900 and 970 numbers and offer custom adult website packages. Teleteria quickly became the industry leader in the adult design business and has been since 1994. Jay Servidio started teaching classes about the business in NYC and Toronto monthly which led to guest speaking at trade shows and conferences all over the world. He has been written up in many periodicals such as a front page article in The Wall Street Journal and the NY Press. Jay Servidio has also appeared on TV and Radio.Teleteria also builds gaming and commercial sites and can be found at or call toll free 1 866 408 8694.

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